Hacks To Generate Sales Quickly, Fixed When You Need Them

The sustainability of your online store depends on a constant volume of sales. There are times when online sales grow naturally (such as the holidays or Black Friday). Unfortunately, however, there is the reverse of these periods: months in which sales go very badly .

Most online stores have lower sales in the summer . Even if this is not the season that gives you the most headaches, it is advisable to prepare in advance for when it will arrive.

Here’s what you can do:

Sometimes, regardless of the season, you need fast cash flow. Or you want to free the warehouse of certain products to make room for new ones. Whatever the reason, a few eCommerce growth hacks are always welcome, right?

  1. Urge shopping through FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO is a common term in psychology and refers to a type of social anxiety related to the fear of losing an opportunity to have fun while others take advantage. of her.

The term has been extended to almost all areas and is extremely suitable for eCommerce. Nobody wants to miss an excellent opportunity, right? Especially when it is very popular.

Here’s how you can use FOMO to your advantage:

  • Add a counter to the products you want to sell quickly. “7 customers ordered this product only today. “
  • “Only three products left in stock.”
  • “Customers who chose this product also ordered”
  • “Our customers agree that this product fits perfectly with…”

Thus, in addition to urgency, you can also create a sense of belonging to a community, to a group of people with common passions, interests and preferences.

  1. Use live chat

Live chat can quickly increase sales in your online store. Visitors who use it are 8 times more likely to become customers than those who do not.

When you want to sell certain products quickly, you can use it intelligently. Set a welcome message that leads the visitor to relevant products, selected by you based on previous interactions or random products that are in the promotion.

  1. Flash

Promote your most desired/discounted offers on social media and through PPC campaigns, but be careful to target especially people who have bought from your store. They are most likely to place a new order, especially if they were satisfied with the previous ones and if the discount is tempting.

Things To Do In Advance To Double Your Black Friday Sales

Every year, Black Friday brings new sales records for all online stores participating in the biggest discount event of the year. Although it is an important event, consumers have become accustomed to its annual presence.

Buyers are waiting for Black Friday to buy various things, most often electronics and appliances – products with an above average value. But this does not mean that there are not those bargain hunters who are willing to spend impressive amounts for second-hand shopping. We are talking here about those little treats that become more accessible during Black Friday – clothes, cosmetics, electronics, even certain types of food and hygiene .

In other words, everyone is waiting for Black Friday, either with a well-developed shopping plan or with the desire to take advantage of the discounts that are currently emerging.

When consumers prepare ahead of time and have wish lists made months before Black Friday, online stores have no excuse not to do the same.

The year 2020 has been (and will continue to be) a challenging one. If you want to round off your Black Friday 2020 sales, it is NOT too early to start preparations .

Here’s what you need to do:

Establish a clear reduction strategy

Apparently, Black Friday is simple: apply significant discounts and wait for bargain hunters. But things are a bit more complicated.

First of all, you need to identify the category of products that are at the intersection of what consumers want and what brings you the most profit.

For example, consumers may be interested in full HD TVs. But, depending on your contract with the suppliers, you may not be able to apply the huge discounts that your customers are looking for. Instead, you could do it for laptops or other electronics.

Your position is also important: do you want to offer substantial discounts for premium or entry-level products? Keep in mind that this positioning can completely change the behavior of your customers, even after the Black Friday event ends.

Make sure you have enough stocks

At least three months in advance, talk to suppliers and make sure you have enough products in stock . You probably already know what your bestsellers are – you shouldn’t miss them!

Discussions with suppliers are even more important for dropshipping eCommerce businesses. Black Friday is not the time to hire new suppliers – stick with the old ones, who you know you can trust and who can honor orders quickly.

Create a page dedicated to Black Friday promotions

This should be the place where all the Black Friday promotions will meet. You already have a predefined Promotions page on MerchantPro, so make sure you’ve activated it and renamed it suggestively for this event.

Why is it not enough to apply discounts on products that will be part of the promotion?

First of all, because you want to increase the feeling of urgency , of promotion that will end quickly and from which your customers must benefit NOW .

Secondly, don’t forget that for every Black Friday fan there is another buyer who does not want to take part in this event. For them, it is recommended to have the “normal” version of the site functional.